Thursday, 24 May 2012

Dinner with Matt

An invitation to have an intimate dinner with one of Australia's best chefs, Matt Moran landed on my desk this week.
How could I resist a chance to chat with the man responsible for some of Australia's best bars and restaurants.
Here to promote the new 'T-Qual tick', a symbol that identifies quality tourism businesses and operators in Australia. I met him at local T-Qual certified restaurant Celsius on Gouger street.
A table set for five and a five course menu set the scene for a great night.
Local wine flowed and conversation about South Australia's amazing food and wine industry
dominated conversation.
Matt also shared some secrets about the Masterchef experience.
We asked if the contestants look at recipes during their 'cook offs' the answer was a definite no.
"The contestants are real foodies and genuinely know the recipes off by heart."
So what did Matt get up to on his quick visit?
He started his day at chocolate lovers heaven, Haighs, lunch at Mapo on Gouger, wine tasting at Sinclair's Gully Wines and then dinner with us at Celsius. 

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